Art, Artifacts, Signs & the Weird & Wonderful in Northern California – photojournal

Originally posted on Letterdash, Mon 30 Aug 2010, 16:52

Three weeks ago, whilst shopping with Nicki and the kids for their school back-packs in a rather remote area called Pinole, (ridiculous that the only ToysRUs have moved so far north from the East Bay of San Francisco), I came across this sign in front of a large supermarket. I was absolutely hysterical with laughter – I had all the kids, including little Jeddifish, laughing … at me laughing. Only later did I realise what had happened. Can you spot it? :)

On our visit to the Sonoma/Napa Wine Country, two Sundays ago, we had lunch at the well-known restaurant called The Girl and a Fig – their cheese platters and assortment of fromages – their speciality. An amazing, somewhat esoteric type eatery with a changing menu. We did have to make a reservation about a week in advance. Warren ordered this lamb pate in a crust, (below) – he loved it, I tasted it – not too bad… I’m not very brave with food :). Click on the link to see their basic menu and all the art by Julie Higgins (Girl and the Fig) which is on sale. I bought a selection of mini prints.

Below: the sign for a kiddies clothing store in The Valley of the Moon, Sonoma which you may have seen on my friend half-pint’s blog. I took this picture for her.

Above the schematic diagram of the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County, Northern California. (The Sonoma Valley is the birthplace of the California wine industry and often called The Valley of the Moon.)
And the sign, below (above the stunning flower box), in this beautiful little Moon Valley town says: “If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space

Below: Trip to Lake Tahoe on Wednesday 18 August – on route into the Sierra-Nevada mountain range, a photo-shoot stop revealed Wigwams and log-cabins hidden behind the pine trees, alongside streams of water. Very beautiful – for me, awe-inspiring. On right of the picture, a wigwam, partly hidden behind a Pine.

A totem pole in the same area as the Wigwam, below left.

Below right, my oldest 3 angels standing below the bear ‘mascot’ for South Lake Tahoe (Bear country – unfortunately we never saw any live ones!) :)


Above: The Harley shop – very biiiiiiig in the US of A and the first shop my 3 grandsons walked into on our visit to the little village. The 16mth old Jeddifish was magnetised first, the other 2 walked straight after him. That’s Nicki going in to fetch them  Daniel with the yellow hat. :)

Up to the summit of the Sierra-Nevada mountain range on the 19 August, (no snow at this time of the year), by cable car, (they call them Gondolas), this is the sign that greeted us on disembarkation – at this point, we were 9000 feet, I think, above sea level.



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One Response to Art, Artifacts, Signs & the Weird & Wonderful in Northern California – photojournal

  1. Tokeloshe says:

    Wow, you did do a lot!

    Love the signs, especially “half pint”, so observant of you.

    I love totems too.

    The “3 Angels” photo is “Beary” nice. ;-)

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